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This is Bikepacking BC. Think of it as a virtual campfire, bar stool or tailgate for those of you interested in pedaling, pushing, dragging and, let’s be honest, sometimes throwing your bike through the rugged wilds of British Columbia.


I’m not sure who else is out there, but I trust you will find this and we will build a gathering place to share routes, commiserate over bushwhacks, swap ideas about gear and hopefully get excited about going new places on our bikes.


From custom fat bikes and frame bags to ultra light camping gear and DIY gear like stoves and seat bags we can share our favourite routes from the Coast to the Kootenays, the Rockies and Beyond. This project will be an opportunity to share the adventure of bikepacking in Western Canada (and occasionally other places).

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Nelson Range Traverse

This route traces a line of old prospecting and logging roads that are seldom traveled.  Bikepacking through the middle of the Selkirk Range south of Nelson BC you will get a chance to ride through stands of old growth cedar bisected by avalanche paths choked...
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BC Epic 1000

If you haven’t been paying attention bikepacking races are sprouting up across North America and around the world.  With unofficial races like the Tour Divide from Banff AB to the Mexican border as inspiration it was only a matter of time before someone made the...
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DIY Frame Bag

One of my favourite things in life is to figure out how to fix or build something rather than to buy it off the shelf or pay someone else to fix it.  This most certainly applies to bikepacking.  When I started looking around for gear to setup my rig I quickly realized...
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